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Prein Goes Big with DoPchoice SNAPGRIDS®

Controlling the direction of light

Helmut Prein, the Germany-based gaffer behind such blockbuster films as Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, Inglorious Basterds, Unknown, The Hunger Games parts 1 and 2 and Showtime’s Homeland relies on DoPChoice SNAPGRIDS® and BUTTERFLY Grids for his soft sources.

“I usually carry a couple of 4′ x 4′ SNAPGRIDS® for frost frames as well as DoPchoice 8′ x 12′ BUTTERFLY Grids in my lighting kit on every show,” he asserts. “They are very versatile and helpful in various circumstances. “Whenever you need to control the direction of light being diffused through any kind of frame, the SNAPGRIDS® are the fastest and most economic way. You can avoid using 3 – 5 flags on C-stands with sandbags, which saves time, space and gear.”

The gaffer attests that he has worked with other crate products in the past, but their weakest aspect when they had to be used overhead. “They would all have a serious belly, which would create an unpredictable effect. You can’t calculate the falloff of a source with a bizarre belly in the crate!”

On a recent night shoot at a hotel, Prein found the SNAPGRIDS® invaluable for controlling light from large cherry pickers outside the location’s windows. “I had several 20Ks outside the windows through 4′ x 4′ diffusion frames,” he notes. “In order to avoid spilling light into the windows of other hotel guests, we put 30 degree SNAPGRIDS® on the 4×4 frames and they worked perfectly. The frames were mounted on remote yolks so that we could position them and there was no way we could have rigged a bunch of flags to cut the light out of the other rooms – it just would have been too heavy. With the SNAPGRIDS®, we were able to control our light and still move the fixtures and frames as we needed.

“My crews love them”

“My crews love them,” he continues. “They like the SNAPGRIDS® and BUTTERFLY Grids way better than any other grids as they are much easier to fix onto the frames, especially the larger format grids. Sometimes the SNAPGRIDS® will sit on the truck for days and wait – and then – bang! You couldn’t do a shot without them. The material is very durable and they keep their form and they are just so easy to setup. Just as they claim – no hassle! They just do the job and they’re a reliable tool.”

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