Jungnickel direct his light with DoPchoice SNAPGRIDS®


“Fremde (working title) is the work of a collaboration of students in their third year from three of the major film schools in Germany. Director, Tim Dünschede (Director) and myself as the Director of Photography are currently at the University of Television and Film in Munich, while the Producer, Patrick Schorn is from the DFFB Berlin. Scriptwriter Marc Vogel and editor Janina Kaltenböck (who is graduating with this film) are from the Filmacademy Ludwigsburg.

The principal shooting of the film took place over 10 days in December 2016 in Brandenburg, Germany. The main interior location was a real bunker from the 1950’s – a left over from the cold war. Like most, we had a really tight schedule. As daylight is a rare thing in December in the northern hemisphere we were only able to shoot interiors at night. A minor problem when shooting in a bunker as it has no windows. The big challenge, but also the bigger opportunity in my eyes, was that there was nothing left in the bunker in terms of electrical infrastructure or practical lighting.

Based on our ideas for the film – which presents the audience a dystopian story of a father trying to protect his children from the savages strolling the land in anarchy – I could do what ever served the story and what ever was possible to pull off with our micro budget. As there was a very limited space, some rooms where on 1.5m wide, it was crucial to get the lighting as slim as possible. The most convenient solution for this was to work with Kinoflo and LED fixtures couple with the SNAPGRIDS® from DoPchoice. Luckily, I had the support from DoPchoice for some of these exquisite tools – the results were exactly what I was looking for.”


After attaining a Bachelor of Science in Media Technology at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, Holger Jungnickel then worked in the camera department for 6 years. He is now finalising his cinematography studies at the renowned University of Television and Film Munich. Since 2008, he has been the Director of Photography for over 50 short films, music clips and commercials, as well as operator on various feature films.

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