A Perfect Combination with LED Fixtures

Gaffer, Launais Uses SNAPGRIDS® on top Hollywood Shows

SNAPGRIDS®: The perfect equipment for tight spaces

On the set of "I’m Dying Up Here", a new series from Showtime and executive producer Jim Carey, gaffer Jeremy Launais brings out his DoPchoice SNAPGRIDS® for yet another complicated setup made simple. “It’s an almost daily basis that we bring out the SNAPGRIDS®,” the gaffer attests whose other work includes Rush Hour 2, HBO’s Deadwood and Amazon’s multi-award winning Transparent. "I’m Dying Up Here" chronicles the improvisational comedy club scene in Los Angeles in the 1970s. “In a tight space or in a small office, I’m often having to squeeze fixtures into a corner where there’s very little room. Controlling those lights can be a challenge because there’s no room for flags or stands so the DoPchoice SNAPGRIDS® work beautifully.”

"They’re rigid and stay in place, I love them!"

Launais has manufactured his own LED fixtures, which he calls Flatpacks, and he originally crafted them to the size of available honeycomb light controllers, as, at the time, they were the best tool available for controlling spill from soft sources. “The honeycombs were great, but they were really fragile. I had to create custom carts for them and they’d still break – the electricians always hated them. If we had to go out to a remote location or a quick splinter shoot with a battery-powered fixture, the honeycombs were always too much to transport and they’d get left behind meaning that we’d really struggle with controlling light from soft fixtures where they spray light everywhere. Then I found the SNAPGRIDS® and they’re fantastic. They collapse down into a tiny bag, they’re robust, we’re not afraid of destroying them – they’re rigid and stay in place, I love them!

“LED fixtures are great these days, you can dim them without a change in color temperature; you can make hybrid fixtures that allow you to shift between daylight and tungsten in a single fixture; they’re small and compact and easily tucked into corners – and with the SNAPGRIDS®, we can control their output beautifully – it’s really a perfect combination!”

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