"an essential part
of my lighting toolkit"

Stephen Murphy shares his experiences with DoPchoice SNAPGRIDS®

"I’ve been using DoPchoice SNAPGRIDS® both for 4’x4’ Frostframes and Kino Flo’s since I was first introduced to them in 2011 by Nick Shapley of LCA in London.

I tend to use a lot of toplight with KinoFlo’s and the SNAPGRIDS® help me to quickly control the spill, especially with the end caps. I’ve also very fond of using 4×4 wedge lights in tight spaces, bouncing a smaller Tungsten or HMI unit off of Poly, through a frame of Lee 129 Diffusion fitted with a 4×4 SNAPGRID®. It gives me a beautiful soft light that retains shape and direction, and with the SNAPGRID® on the frost frame I don’t need to worry about spill.

Both take only minutes to setup, and they keep the set clutter free, so I can work fast and efficiently, which means more time for the director and actors and a happy producer. DoPchoice SNAPGRIDS® go on all of my lists; as far as I’m concerned they’re an essential part of my lighting toolkit."

Stephen Murphy, Cinematographer

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