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No tummy. Always tight

No tummy.

Always tight.

DoPchoice Butterfly Grids are even tightly stretched when upside down. 

No hassle. Revolutionary easy.

No hassle.

Revolutionary easy.

Thanks to specially developed brackets, DoPchoice Butterfly  Grids are incredibly simple and quick to install.

No wearout. Extremely durable.

No wearout.

Extremely durable.

Butterfly Grids are manufactured using a specially developed robust fabric that keeps the grids stable. All strips are precisely sewn to the highest quality standard.

Foldaway Frame

A foldaway frame that sets up in sixty-seconds.

Attach a DoPchoice Butterfly Grid and a diffusion textile to an Avenger Foldaway Frame, collapse the frame, and take it with you. At the shooting location, it’ll take you less than a minute to set it up. DoPchoice even offers a special bag that includes enough space to safely and easily transport the prepared grids.

Watch an animation of the setup

Easy to find corners.

Each corner of every DoPchoice Butterfly Grid has a white fastener, making it easier to find. Time is critical in the film industry.
We pay attention to details off the set to make life easier on it.

Easy to find corners

Stays clean wherever you put it.

Innovative DoPchoice brackets keep dirt and dust at a distance when you have to lay the grid down on the floor.

Safely stored.

Every Butterfly Grid comes with a DoPchoice bag made out of robust canvas.

Compatible to most common frame sizes.


□ = 30mm

30mm diameter for rectangular frame profiles.


○ > 42mm

42mm minimum diameter for circular frame profiles.



Compatible to most common frame solutions, e.g. Avenger, Matthews, Manfrotto, Modern ect.

Sizes and Angles

Sizes and Angles

6×6, 8×8, 12×8, 12×12, 20×12, 20×20 feet
Matching Products

40°, 50°, 60° degree

Product Data Sheet (PDF)

Special sizes available on request

Individual Butterfly Grids

Individual sizes available.

This 3m x 4m Butterfly Grid has an exchangeable 1x1m inner part of 40° / 50° / 60°
Call with your special request!



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