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Welcome to DoPchoice.
Learn more about how to direct you softlight with NO HASSLE, NO TUMMY and NO WEAROUT.
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Engineered in Germany
by a DoP for DoPs.
The Founder of DoPchoice was tired of all the ill-conceived lighting solutions at his film locations. Based on his knowledge collected in over ten years working as DoP, associate professor at the University of Television and Film in Munich and lecturer for ARRI Lighting he started to develop new lighting solutions. In 2008 he filed his first patent application for a revolutionary new softbox system and founded DoPchoice in Munich. With the products of DoPchoice his aim is to satisfy highest demands of professional DoPs worldwide. more
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DoPchoice GmbH
Danklstr.4, 81371 Munich (Germany)
Tel: +49 89 95449293, Fax: +49 89 17927731
(c) 2013 - Patent US 8.014.654 + others pending

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