"Simplicity, Lightweight Design & Speed of Set up"

Kukla Finds SNAPGRIDS® the Right Solution for "The Gang from Oss"

Directing the light precisely

“In my work, I often use large, soft sources, which give a very nice and natural look. However, the biggest challenge with these is the difficulty to direct the light precisely, especially in small spaces,” submits Camerimage Silver Frog-winning cinematographer Piotr Kukla, NSC, PSC. The cameraman's work includes In My Father's Garden, Bride Flight, Storm, The Winner, and the Academy Award nominated Twin Sisters.

Shooting around the world

The Polish-born cinematographer moved to the Netherlands in the early 1980s and has been working there since. During his experiences shooting around the world, Kukla had the opportunity to work with a lot of different equipment that is not readily available in the Netherlands. One such tool was a soft grid for large soft sources and when he returned to his homeland he began an earnest search for just such a tool. “I was looking for equipment that I could use to control soft light and they were very difficult to get into the Netherlands,” he attests. “When I found the website for DoPchoice I was extremely happy to see that their grids and softboxes were not only available in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but were very affordable. I ordered six different grids. They were delivered to me in Holland, by DoPchoice owner Stefan Karle. When I used the SNAPGRIDS® for the first time, I realized that DoPchoice had succeeded in creating the 'perfect product.' The smart design, quality, stability and their simplicity is just excellent. Those are things you love to have as a cinematographer.”

SNAPGRIDS® allow to avoid reflections in shiny surfaces

Kukla's recent project, The Gang from Oss was yet another opportunity to bring out the DoPchoice tools. “The main location was a café, which was built on stage,” he explains. “We rigged some overhead lights with 8’ x 8’ and 6’ x 6’ SNAPGRIDS®, and each lamp on the ground was also given a SNAPGRID®. The SNAPGRIDS® allowed me to avoid reflections of the lamps in windows or any of the many shiny surfaces. I sometimes added an extra grid to have absolute control over the direction of light. Once again, the simplicity, lightweight design and speed of setting up the grids is excellent. I am delighted, because the factory still comes up with new products, such as the BUTTERFLY 12’ x 12’ (30 and 50 degree options) which give me an even wider range of possibilities to control the lights. I now use them all the time – shooting both commercials and feature films. I can’t imagine not having this fantastic tool in my light equipment.”

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