Eben Bolter pairs SkyPanel and DoPchoice for The Woman in White

“I used SnapGrids and SnapBags for almost everything on the show for a directional soft light.”

BAFTA breakthrough Brit, DP Eben Bolter, has a growing and impressive resume with his recent project, The Woman in White currently airing on the BBC. This bold new adaptation of Wilkie Collins‘ classic gothic novel, set in Victorian times required a dark and menacing feel.

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Maximiano Pairs OCTA with SkyPanel S60

"Space lights overhead already gave me enough light ambiance, but I still needed the Octa to keep the shot from getting flat"

Brazilian photographer and cinematographer Luiz Maximiano has shot for major international publications, including Time, Newsweek, ESPN Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. He chooses the DoPchoice SNAPBAG Octa for lighting both stills as well as cinematography.

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On the Fly with DoPchoice China Ball and Pancake

"The China Ball is my go-to for walk and talk when the light moves along with the camera"

Bob Gilles is a master of the moving camera. He eats, sleeps, and breathes Steadicam, Helix and any camera movement tool. Whether engaged as the Specialty Camera Operator or the cinematographer, he does it with moving camera sensibility. So when he lights, he wants the fixtures to be just as mobile as he is. Enter the BB&S Flyer, the light that’s pole or C-stand mounted and operated off of a waist belt. It goes on every shoot he’s working and along with it he counts on DoPchoice accessories to shape the light.
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"an essential part
of my lighting toolkit"

Stephen Murphy shares his experiences with DoPchoice SNAPGRIDS

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It fits into my luggage and is always a useful gimmick on set

Reinhold sees more possibilites to creat the right mood DoPchoice SNAPGRIDS® and SNAPBAGS®

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They bring a flexibility and a range of light that allows us to cover all our needs

Lagerway discovered DoPchoice SNAPGRIDS® and SNAPBAGS®

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Jungnickel direct his light with DoPchoice SNAPGRIDS®

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Saves Time, Space and Gear

Helmut Prein Goes Big with DoPchoice SNAPGRIDS®

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A Perfect Combination with LED Fixtures

Gaffer, Jeremy Launais Uses SNAPGRIDS®on top Hollywood Shows

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The best Way to
really Control the Beam

Förderer Lights Softly & moves fast with DoPchoice

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Simplicity, Lightweight Design & Speed of Set up

Piotr Kukla Finds SNAPGRIDS® the Right Solution for "The Gang from Oss"

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Tools for Flexibility and Speed

DoPchoice Pancakes Snap it up on Greiner’s Latest

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