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IBC 2018

DoPchoice is launching a number of new products at IBC 2018 including the Lantern 5 SNAPBAG, new Lantern 3 for the Redback and new SNAPBOXES and SNAPGRIDS for Astera and exalux. Plus we’ll be showing the new SNAPBAG 6×6 for the S360

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Size Matters

DoPchoice unveiled at Cine Gear Expo new light softening and directing tools to enhance the ARRI SkyPanel S360 and S30 lighting fixtures.

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Cine Gear Expo 2018

We’re looking forward to launching some exciting new light shaping tools at this years Cine Gear Expo. Make sure you visit us on The Rag Place booth, #30.

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Viva NAB Show 2018

We had an amazing time in Vegas, with visitors from around the globe stopping by to see some of our latest light shaping tools for LED fixtures.

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NAB Show 2018

Viva Las Vegas! Our US leg of trade shows start with the NAB Show. We’ll be showing the new SNAPBAG Lantern 3 along with our other range of products on The Rag Place booth, C8547.

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AIC Micro Salon 2018

The last of our European shows sees us supporting the Association of Italian Cinematographers at the Cinecittà Studios on the 16th-17th March. We’ll be showing the latest SNAPBAG Lantern along with our RABBIT-EARS

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An amazing crowd at BSC Expo 2018

The turn out to this year’s BSC Expo was exceptional, but if you missed us take the DoPchoice tour of the show floor where we had a range our light control tools.

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BSC Expo 2018

See the new DoPchoice SNAPBAG Lantern at the BSC Expo 2018. Catch up with us on the LCA stand, 326, with the new SNAPBOX, Octa 7 and see how easy it is to fit the universal RABBIT-EARS.

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See the new DoPchoice SNAPBAG Lantern at CABSAT 2018. Come and see the Lantern along with a range of SNAPBAGS and SNAPGRIDS on the UBMS booth Hall ZAB5, stand ZB5-A20.

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AEC Micro Salon 2017

Supporting the AEC with their first ever Micro Salon, we are delighted to be showing the latest light shaping tools from DoPchoice on 15th and 16th December at the ECAM, Madrid.

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Camerimage 2017

Did you visit us at Camerimage? Take a visual tour of our booth during this festival week in Poland and see if you can spot yourself.

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IBC Show Amsterdam 2017

IBC 2017 is just around the corner and this year we will be showing some exciting new products. You can see these along with a full range of products on booth 12.D39 with LCA

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Cinegear Show Los Angeles 2017

CineGear is just around the corner and this year we will be showing some exciting new products. You can see these along with a full range of products on booth 31 with The Rag Place

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NAB Show Las Vegas 2017

This years NAB Show will see us premiering some exciting new products for the film, broadcast and photography industries. We’ll be showing these on booth C10845 with BB&S Lighting

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Micro Salon Italia 2017

See you at the Micro Salon Italia 2017. Our new products can be tested – we’re looking forward to seeing you again!

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See you at the BVE 2017 show with LCA

We are looking forward to seeing you again at the BVE show with LCA stand K40 on 28 Feb – 2 Mar 2017. Come by and test our new products!

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Micro Salon 2017 & BSC Expo 2017

We are looking forward to seeing you again at the AFC Micro Salon and at BSC expo 2017.

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Camerimage 2016

See you at Camerimage 2016. Test our new products, e.g. SNAPBAG® RABBIT-EARS® Octa 3′ and 5′ for free.

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IBC 2016

Join us at IBC and CINEC 2016 an test our new RABBIT-EARS®. They mount quickly & set up the same SNAPBAGS® on powerful LED fixtures.

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Cinegear Expo 2016

See you at Cinegear Expo 2016: from June 3-4. We’re at THE RAGPLACE Booth 31.

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NAB-Show 2016

Check out our new gear on the NAB show Floor. You can find us at Booth C11146. See you soon!

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MicroSalonItalia 2016

We are looking forward to seeing you at the MicroSalonItalia 2016, 18 to 19 March 2016, Rome, Italy.

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AFC Microsalon 2016

We’re looking forward to meeting you at AFC Microsalon at the MALUNA LIGHTING 17Booth at LA FÉMIS, Paris FR. From 5-6 Feb 2016.

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See you at: BVE SHOW

DoPchoice will show its growing lineup of superior lightshapers at the LCA stand at BVE Feb 23-25, 2016.

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