"I use a lot of Skypanels S60s and was impressed at how fast and simply the SNAPBAGS® set up on them."

DP Fiorella Occhipinti Controls Coloured Lights with DoPchoice

Fiorella Occhipinti was already pretty sure she wanted to be a cinematographer, but when she scored the job as Allen Daviau ASC’s teaching assistant at Pasadena California’s Art Center College of Design, that pretty much cinched the deal. Oh the stories and the cast of characters that encircled the master.

You might say, she saw the light—and she’s been playing with it ever since on the fashion, beauty and editorial campaigns that fill her cinematography and still portfolio.

She’s a planner, arriving at set with a solid lighting plan in hand. It was her gaffer, Graham Wade, who first introduced Occhipinti to DoPchoice. She also credits On the Mark in Burbank, California, her grip and lighting supplier.

“I use a lot of Skypanels S60s and was impressed at how fast and simply the SNAPBAGS®® set up on them. It’s great to have really solid well-made modifiers…I use them on nearly every job with an S60.”

Recently she’s been working with SNAPBAG® for Astera Helios. “A big part of my job is shaping the light. The appealing design of the Helios SNAPBAG® not only amplifies the output but also lets me control the light. I was impressed because it’s very directional and still very soft. That’s even more important when I work with coloured light. The extra control helps me keep multiple colours intact without washing out.”

For a recent Bandier fashion campaign she used the Octa 5 SNAPBAGS® on the front of Arri Skypanel S60s. Two 1×1 Litepanels Geminis with SNAPGRID® eggcrates were her sidelights. A combination of lighting fixtures, both from above and the sides controlled the brilliant colour wash for the background. “We lit our talent with a neutral fill light. By using the large Octa pointed at the talent, the lighting was soft but controlled and my other coloured lights could just play.” 

Fiorella Occhipinti resides in Studio City, California with her cinematographer husband. To see her awesome lighting diagrams visit @fiorella_occhipinti on Instagram

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