“SNAPBAGS® and SNAPGRIDS® provide a good fit on the fixture, easy and fast assembly, and high quality materials and accessories that are quickly interchangeable.”

Michael Ambrose Adds his Magic using SNAPBAGS® & SNAPGRIDS®

Michael Ambrose, gaffer on Ford vs Ferrari and Fast & Furious, tells us why he uses DoPchoice on fixtures while mounted on fast-driving cars

Michael Ambrose is a busy Gaffer these days. Schooled in theatrical lighting design, he cut his teeth on music videos, commercials and ENG in the late ‘90s until an indie film he was on turned union and his career rocketed, Hollywood-style. Since then, his bio is a “Who’s Who” of top features and narrative television—a testament to his skill and dedication to what he calls, “story telling through the magic of light”. You can see that magic on 90 top projects, including today’s smash hit, Ford Vs. Ferrari.

Always on the lookout for the best tools to hone his craft,

he discovered DoPchoice while prepping for the latest in the Fast and Furious franchise. “When I purchased my first set of Creamsource LED lights for Fast and the Furious Fate of the Furious/F8, I wasn’t yet familiar with the DoPchoice SNAPBAGS®® that were included in the package. I was immediately very happy with DoPchoice’s construction and fit”.And they held up under the fire. “When using a soft box attachment on my LED lighting fixtures, I need good construction and durability that can stand the rigors of constant on-set use in every environment imaginable.” DoPchoice SNAPBAGS® and SNAPGRIDS®® provide that and more”, he adds, including “Good fit on the fixture, easy and fast assembly, and high quality materials and accessories that are quickly interchangeable.”

Despite his calm disposition, Ambrose knows what it takes to capture the action under fire. “When doing car work on films like Ford vs. Ferrari, and Fast and Furious 7, 8 & 9, the challenge is getting soft, natural light at the right exposure—while the fixture is mounted on fast-driving cars at high wind speeds. For that kind of reliability combined with soft and realistic light, SNAPBAGS® work flawlessly.

Ambrose is quick to point out that lighting for fast-action is just part of his forte as a Gaffer. “In the upcoming Ghost Busters: Afterlife, slated to be released Summer 2020, interactive light is used quite often. Being able to attach a SNAPBAG® on an ARRI S60 Skypanel offered a great solution to making this versatile light into a bigger, softer source.”

Michael Ambrose takes DoPchoice wherever he works. Even on his latest sunny location in a Southern California park, on a top-studio romantic comedy, the busy gaffer has his truck and cart ready with an array of state-of-the-art LED lights— all equipped with SNAPBAGS® and SNAPGRIDS®.

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