holds 2, 3 or 4 HydraPanels

made possible with

Flexi Flaps


DoPchoice again comes up with a unique light control solution: this time for combining multiple Astera HydraPanel lights in one softbox. Like its sister SNAPBAG® (SBATHY11) for one HydraPanel, the new versatile system (SBATHY41) fits from 2 to 4 Astera HydraPanels. It utilizes DoPchoice's SNAPSHAPE®™ material which makes setup extra quick, free from hardware, and wrinkle-free. The metallic fabric interior brightens and evens the output.

The new system is the most versatile softbox yet. A single SNAPBAG® holds 2, 3 or 4 HydraPanels safely and easily. It is what's inside that makes the difference. The choice is up to the user to customize how many HydraPanels are needed for the job. Locked together in their Flexbase, they slip right into the SNAPBAG® and lock in with hook and loop straps. For fewer lights, there are Flexi Flaps which flip over and close the openings to eliminate spill. The SNAPBAG® neatly hook-and-loops directly to the Hydrapanel fixture(s) and is fully compatible with Astera's baby pin mounting system and other accessories.

Quick and easy assembly

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SNAPBAG® for multiple HydraPanels

Combine multiple Astera HydraPanel lights in one softbox. The metallic fabric interior brightnes and evens the output.

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SNAPGRID® for multiple HydraPanels

Direct your softlight. The 40 degree SNAPGRID® kills your spill light. The built-in snap frame allows for fast set-up via velcro.

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SNAPBAG® for a single HydraPanel

The SNAPBAG®® is the perfect tool to create a larger lighting surface as well as intensifying the light - perfect for a quick portrait or interview set up.

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