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Super Soft, Flexible and Inflatable


AIRGLOW inflates quickly and easily affixes to the front of the LED panel. Installation is as simple as looping the anti-spill cover over the fixture and snapping the buckles closed on the two adjustable straps. Unlike a typical front-facing soft box, AIRGLOW creates a 45° triangular bounce, with the back wall forming the hypotenuse angle to push light out the perpendicular side. Once outfitted with the AIRGLOW, an LED panel transforms to offer a bigger, super soft source, without a hard defined shadow.

Loop the Cover over the fixture.

And SNAP the Buckles together.

Ready to go!

Your choice of BOUNCE FABRICS

The back wall can be swapped from Ultra Bounce to Hard Silver Diffusion for punchier illumination and also bleached and unbleached Muslin.

Hard Silver
Bleached Muslin
Unbleached Muslin

Ultrabounce and unbleached Muslin in comparison

Choose your Diffusions

Quarter, Half and MAGIC CLOTH® comes in the set

See the difference between half Grid cloth and the optional unbleached Muslin


For the channelling of your soft light!

Fits on almost every 2x1 Panel

Designed with input from lighting technicians & cinematographers, Airglow is optimized for Creamsource Vortex8 & Vortex8S

Use it Horizontal or Vertical

Adding AIRGLOW to a panel simplifies the setup to a single, easily repositioned fixture, which can be oriented horizontally or vertically. Lightweight and quick to set up, it eliminates the need for extra stands, leaving a smaller footprint on busy sets.

Packs up in one bag

The inflatable AIRGLOW frame can be filled or deflated while affixed to the light panel or detached. It transports along with air pump in a purpose made DoPchoice bag for easy storage.

What they say:

Martin Smith, Gaffer ICLS

"The AIRGLOW is an easy-to-use multitool, that achieves in one beautiful package lighting techniques that used to require bouncing lights through frames, off ceilings or into polystyrenes. To have an attachment that gives so many different options, helps lead us back to the best aspects from traditional ways of lighting."

Uwe Greiner, Gaffer ICLS

"From my perspective, the AIRGLOW is ideally suited for generating a booklight even in the tightest of spaces. It is such a compact unit that it also shows its strengths as a ‘lamp’ with excellent light quality."

Brendan McGinty, DP

"This unit could be wheeled in and dimmed down for a close up and then backed off and dimmed up for a wide without the team and reset times needed for a traditional booklight. It could be re-positioned by a single technician in a heartbeat.”


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