It's a SNAP!

DoPchoice's SNAPBAGS® & SNAPGRIDS® for the new Litepanels ASTRA IP Family.

SNAPGRID® direct fit

SNAPBAG® direct fit


your SNAP for each SIZE!

The sleek tulip shape, combined with the fixure's flat yoke, enhances maneuverability and affords 30° greater downwards tilt angle.

SNAPSHAPE® for greater tilt down

The new Tulip shape design eliminates the need for skeletal ribs or rods due to its novel parabolic curve architecture combined with DoPchoice's proprietary SNAPSHAPE® material.

ready to go live

in seconds!

Two elastic straps buckle to the rear of the fixture to hold the SNAPBAG® in place. Thanks to their elasticity, they easily stretch to slide on and off for speedy adjustment or release.

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