General Safety Instructions

  • DoPchoice products are professional products for use with professional LED luminaires only.
  • Before using your DoPchoice product please read these instructions carefully and refer also to the instructions of the dedicated luminaire. If you are not sure if the DoPchoice product is allowed to be used with the dedicated luminaire please contact our technical support and / or the technical support of the luminaire manufacturer.
  • Please keep these instructions for future reference.
  • Do not leave DoPchoice products unattended while they are in use.
  • Please make sure that you take care of local safety regulations and guidelines while using DoPchoice products, such as mechanical safety attachments etc.
  • Intense heat, moisture, acidic and chemically aggressive substances may damage your DoPchoice product and may lead to an insecure operation.
  • Do not use your DoPchoice product in case of any damage – please contact DoPchoice for repair.
  • Please take additional safety measures when you use DoPchoice products under windy conditions.
  • Clean your DoPchoice product only by hand washing with well-tempered water and mild soap – DoPchoice products may not be machine washed. In order to dry, please assemble completely and let it dry by air.
  • It is not allowed to modify and/or repair DoPchoice products by yourself.
  • Store and transport the DoPchoice product in the transport bag after usage.
  • Please refer to our website for additional information –
  • DoPchoice is not liable for damages caused by incorrect operation.

Maximum rated temperatures for DoPchoice products:

Tambient: +50°C (122°F) / Tsurface: +85°C (185°F)





Ultra compatible

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