DoPchoice offers new versions of their popular SNAPBAG® and SNAPGRID® light controllers to fit and complement this new lighting technology.


Your choice — Your lightshapers!


Controll your fixture with our SNAPGRIDS®

Panel Fit SNAPGRID® for Creamsource Vortex8

The SNAPGRID® comes in a 40-degree version and is compatible to the DOME and FLAT Diffusor of Creamsource.

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SNAPGRID® for SNAPBAG® Creamsource Vortex8

To further direct the light, a new 40-degree SNAPGRID® (90x60cm) with a unique box-shaped design mounts right to the front of the SNAPBAG® in half a minute whether or not the Vortex8 dome is installed.

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Enlarge your Fixture with the SNAPBAGS®

Panel Fit SNAPBAG® for Creamsource Vortex8

To support a fixture as versatile as the Vortex8, DoPchoice offers a choice of 7 softening SNAPBAG® lightboxes. The SNAPBAG® SBCV8 is purpose-built to mount directly to the Vortex8. The rectangular SNAPBAG® SBCV8 pops up instantly in a single piece and attaches in seconds directly to the light fixture with Velcro straps for a perfect fit. Like all SNAPBAGS® the illumination is intensified with the internal reflective fabric and softened with the removable MAGIC CLOTH®® diffusion panel. This is the only light box made for Vortex8 that offers DoPchoice’s patent-pending pyramid baffle sewn into the centre enabling the sidewalls to reflect illumination outward for an even spread without hot spots.

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SNAPBAG® & RABBIT-EARS® for Creamsource Vortex8

Additionally, thanks to a newly re-designed RABBIT-EARS®® attachment system, mounting existing DoPchoice SNAPBAGS® of all varieties has never been easier. This super simple innovation makes it easy to equip the Vortex8 with the SNAPBAG® Medium, the 3’, 5’, and 7’ Octas, or the 3’ and 5’ spherical Lanterns.

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